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Comfort Abiodun is a Nigerian-American film director, producer, and creative based in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, CA.

The artist has been heavily involved in the world of production ever since she was young, and has expanded her knowledge on all things film. With a diverse palette, she has now gone on to direct a variety of branded films & projects.

With a degree in Media Production & Anthropology from the University of Houston, she has gotten to collaborate with countless talented filmmakers who share similar passions, and been selected for notable opportunities such as The Motion Picture Academy's Guest of Gold Rising program.

Ultimately, the young creative's goal is to positively impact others through her work and present a fresh culture-filled flare to the industry. Comfort wants viewers to unlock a plethora of emotions while watching her projects, and leave with something valuable. The filmmaker believes that film is one of the most versatile and expressive forms of art.

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